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-===== Payment Methods ​=====+====== ​Billing Area ====== 
 +[[Create an Invoice]] 
 +[[Bank Statements]] 
 +[[Process Payments]] 
 +[[Past Due Warnings]] 
 +[[Manage Debit Batches]] 
 +[[Manage Expenses]] 
 +See Also: [[Supported Payment Methods]] 
-[[Softycomp]],​ [[Netcash]],​ [[Mercantile]],​ [[iVeri]], [[Spreedly]],​ [[SagePay]],​ [[Softycomp]],​ [[Stratcol]],​ [[Stripe]], [[MyGate]], [[FNB]], [[Cash]], [[BDB]], [[EFT]], [[AuthorizeNET]],​ [[Payfast]],​ [[Paym8]], [[PayPal]] 
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