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 ===== Custom Field Editor for Packages ===== ===== Custom Field Editor for Packages =====
-<WRAP todo>​Under Construction.</WRAP>+[[https://​​service|Setup ​Services > Select Service > Custom Fields]] 
 +Setup Custom Fields for data that you may require for when a client signs up for one of your packages. 
 +I.e Running a delivery type of service you may want clients to allocate which regions they are in, you can then create a custom drop down field with the options presented. 
 +This way you can keep track of where the more prominent regions are etc and use this for planning by using a our [[search_parameters]]. You can also deselect this from being presented on your signup form. 
 +==== Adding a custom field for a package ==== 
 +  * The Service column on the left contains the custom fields currently present on the package. 
 +  * The Field options column on the right contains the particulars of each of the fields you select. 
 +  * To add a new field click the Add field button. 
 +  * Name your field in the Field title box e.g.  Referring agent 
 +  * In the Type drop down select the type of field you want to add e.g. Single line text 
 +  * If the field is required, look under Options and hover over the first icon it will appear as “not required”>​ click on this and it will change to “required”. 
 +  * If the box requires hint text fill it in in the Hint box e.g. Which agent referred this client to us? 
 +  * Once complete, click Save changes to permanently add the field. 
 +See also: 
 +[[Custom Fields for Invoices]]
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