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 ====== Payments ====== ====== Payments ======
 +===== /​v1/​payment/​id/​get =====
 +Retrieve a payment by id and return it's details.
 +==== Parameter listing ====
 +^Name ^Availability ^Description^
 +|depth |get |The depth parameter signals the amount of data for the payment that was provided. depth=0 is the highest level that provides full detail.|
 +|id |get |The id of the payment in the system. This is guaranteed to be unique only over a single account.|
 +|xid |get |The xid of the payment in the system. This is guaranteed to be unique over all accounts.|
 +|client |get |The client the payment was for.|
 +|currency |get |A currency object the payment was made in.|
 +|batch |get |A batch object if the payment was on a batch.|
 +|payment_method |get |A payment_method object through which the payment was made.|
 +|amount |get |The payment amount as a string.|
 +|amount_cents |get |The payment amount as an integer number of cents.|
 +|reference |get |The reference code that was submitted with the payment.|
 +|state |get |The current state of the payment.|
 +===== /​v1/​payment/​list =====
 +List payments.
 +Results can optionally be filtered by the filters listed below.
 +<code php>
 +    $ curl -u user:pass -d "​perpage=2"​ \
 +    >      https://​​v1/​payment/​list.json
 +<source examples/​payment.txt-1.json>​
 +==== List Payments Filters ====
 +^Name ^Availability ^Description^
 +|client_id |get |The client associated with the payments.|
 +|batch_id |get |The batch associated with the payments.|
 +|state |get |The state of the payments.|
 +|page |get |The page of results to return.|
 +|perpage |get |The number of results per page to return.|
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