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 ====== Actions ====== ====== Actions ======
 +Every change to your account on SnapBill is automatically recorded and stored as an action on your account. The actions contain a full audit log and will allow you to see exactly when each change was made, and who made the change.
 +===== Action paths =====
 +Each action is given a path that allows you to easily select and categorize each action.
 +|/​object/​add |An object (client, contact, invoice, ...) was added|
 +|/​object/​update/​name |The given field of the object was updated|
 +|/​object/​update/​data/​name |The given custom field of the object was updated|
 +|/​object/​delete |The object was removed. This only applies to the few objects that can be removed, most other objects will receive a state update to the '​dead'​ state.|
 +|/​setting/​name |The setting on your account was changed.|
 +|/​bulk/​action |A bulk action was added to the job queue (email, sms, etc.)|
 +|/​batch/​build |A number of clients were added to the given batch|
 +===== Action object and reference =====
 +For a listing of all the parameters included with actions and possible API calls, please check out the action object under our API reference.
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