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 ====== Objects ====== ====== Objects ======
 +Our API uses a very standardised interface to access each object within the SnapBill system.
 +===== Object listing =====
 +|action |Actions are single events that happen on an account|
 +|batch |A batch is a group of payments that are usually submitted to the bank together|
 +|charge |A charge is a once-off or recurring amount that automatically generates invoices on the account.|
 +|client |A client is a single debtor to which payments, invoices, charges, etc. are linked|
 +|contact |A different contact representative for a client|
 +|country |A representation of one of the available countries in forms|
 +|currency |A representation of a monetary currency|
 +|email |An email that has been sent out|
 +|export |An available export that can be generated and downloaded|
 +|field |A custom field that is linked to either all clients, or a specific service_type|
 +|file |An uploaded or generated file|
 +|import |A single run of an import with associated data to be imported|
 +|import_type |A type of available imports, for example a '​Client'​ or '​Service'​ import.|
 +|invoice |An invoice is an object for the major invoice types. This includes quotes, credit notes, debit notes, and the rest.|
 +|lost_password_request |Created whenever a client enters an email address on your lost password form|
 +|package |Each service_type can have various different packages at different price points. Common examples are '​Standard'​ and '​Premium'​.|
 +|payment |A single instance of a payment which is not neccessarily complete or paid yet.|
 +|payment_details |Details to complete future payments, which can either be a credit card, bank account, etc.|
 +|service |A service is a recurring instance on a clients account|
 +|service_type |A type of service that you can later sell to clients|
 +|signup |An instance of a single (potentially incomplete) signup|
 +|sms |A text message that has been sent out|
 +|timezone |A representation of single timezone|
 +|transaction |A single transaction for payment that may have been completed. These are created whenever we redirect to PayPal or similar payment methods.|
 +|user |A user that can login to a clients account, or into your snapbill account|
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