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 +===== Creating a Draft =====
 +SnapBill allows you to create and send quotes and invoices. While you edit these (before converting them to a quote or an invoice) you can save them as drafts. Drafts are easily edited, can be saved indefinitely and will never be sent out to clients automatically.
 +==== To create a draft follow the steps below: ====
 +  - Go to the client'​s account ⇒ Invoice Center
 +  - Select the document you want to create, either [[invoice|Invoice]],​ [[quote_proforma|Quote]] or [[credit_note|Credit Note]] from the left navigation menu
 +  - Invoice editor table: Enter the description,​ unit cost & quantity for your first invoice line. To add another line in your invoice click the green ‘plus’ icon. To delete a line click the red ‘cross’ icon.
 +  - When you have finished click the Save as Draft button.
 +SnapBill will not send your draft. It will be saved on the client’s account and can be accessed, modified and sent at a later date.
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