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Invoicing Options

Setup > Billing > Invoicing

Function Sub-Functions Description
Next Invoice Number This will be the next invoice number used you may also want to use {client}/(Invoice Number)to quote the client number first
Next Client Number This will the next number assigned to your next client, a combination of letters and numbers can be used.
Invoices and Statements via Email Select whether to send Invoices and Statements attached as a PDF or not.
Payment Processed Emails Select whether or not to send a notification to your client once their payment is processed.
Invoice Ahead Configure your invoices to be sent ahead of its due date
Date Automatic (recurring and service) Invoices This will the due date set on all auto-generated invoices
Automate Emailing of Invoices Select whether or not to have invoices automatically sent to clients, if not you will need to manually send each invoice.
Quote or Proforma Select whether to have Proforma Invoices or Quotations, once accepted by the client these will convert into invoices
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