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Add Banking Details

For clients who will be debited, you will need to set their payment method accordingly and add their banking details to the system. Make sure that you have already setup your Payment Method on your account so that they are available for selection.

All banking details and credit card data are stored safely and securely in compliance with PCI regulations. Data will be encrypted on our system and you will not need to load them again.

Adding Banking Details

  1. Ensure that the correct payment method is set in the client details table > modify > payment.
  2. Once payment method is set to a gateway for collection, a payments (banking) details table will appear under the comments table.
  3. Click “set payment details”.
  4. Complete details.
  5. Save payment method.
Functions Sub-Functions Description
Payment Method Select the gateway that you will be using to collect the funds with
Payment Type Select either bank account or credit card
Bank account details Account Name
Branch Name
Branch Code
Account Number
Account Type
Electronic Mandate Verbal agreement to collecting the funds
Credit Card Details Card Number The number on the front of the card
Card Type Visa/Master Card
Name on Card Name listed on the front of the card.
Expiration Date

CVV numbers are not required for recurring payment collections on Credit Cards.

A CDV (Check Digit Verification) check is done on all banking details loaded in SnapBill to validate that the account used does exist.

You can also use: to validate both bank cards and credit cards.

See Also: Welcome Templates; Imports; Payment Method

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