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New Client Details

Functions Sub-Functions Description
First Name
Email Address All correspondence on the account will be sent to this email address as well as any other contacts added to the profile.
Cellphone Number This number will be used for any SMSes.
Currency Payment Method The payment needs to be set correctly should the client be on debit order/EFT, this will also determine whether the client receives the correctly formatted invoice i.e EFT invoice includes your banking details / Debit Order invoices include Mandate links.
Company Name This will be the name that all invoices are addressed to, if this field is occupied it will over-ride the addressing invoices to “First Name/Surname”.
Discount Here you can apply a global discount to the entire profile, all charges will be discounted at this (%) value.
Vat Number This will be listed on all invoicing.
Invoice Name
Date This will be the date saved as the creation date.
Email Login Details Marking this tickbox will provide your client with user details to he client area found at “yourusername”
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