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 +===== Advanced Tools =====
 +**Client Profile > Left Orange Menu > Advanced Tools**
 +==== Merge Clients ====
 +Merge or combine two separate client accounts into one.
 +All the services you select on one account will be moved over to the other account. If you select all services or the account only has one/no service the account you are merging from will be deleted.
 +To merge go to the client’s account you want to keep in SnapBill:
 +  * Click on Advanced Tools in the left navigation menu and select Merge From.
 +  * Choose the client whose account you would like to merge with this one in the Pick Client table.
 +  * If the client has multiple services select the ones you want to move.
 +  * Once you have selected and are confident about the merge click Confirm Merge to apply.
 +  * The two separate client accounts have now been merged into one single client account.
 +<WRAP important>​Merging two client accounts is not reversible. The client account you selected in the Pick Client table will be deleted if all services are moved over to the client account that you accessed the merge function from.</​WRAP>​
 +==== Push Services ====
 +This tool allows you to push selected services from one clients account into a separate client account. From the next invoice the service will be billed under the new account.
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