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SnapBill Corporate Profile

SnapBill is a recurring billing system that allows you to easily sell your services online. SnapBill is designed for businesses that require a powerful and fully customisable billing solution with payment collection facilities.

SnapBill is PCI compliant and stores all your data securely. SnapBill is available for use in every country in the world and on any web enabled device.

Company: SnapBill (Pty) Ltd
Industry: SaaS Billing
Region: Global
Company Size: Small to Medium
Online Presence:
Started Operation: 2010


SnapBill is a global SaaS billing solutions provider.

Founded in 2010 and run purely as a South African beta until January 2011, SnapBill is the first company of its kind with its development roots in Africa. SnapBill now boasts users on 6 continents and over 60 countries worldwide.

In South Africa, SnapBill has over 8000* registered users some of which bill in excess of 100 million ZAR per month.

By focusing on usability as well as building lasting relationships with clients, SnapBill has excelled at guiding businesses through the implementation of cutting edge billing automation procedures. Tried and tested, the security and reliability of SnapBill has stood up to rigorous user and security trials.

SnapBill's vision is to deliver an affordable and fully customisable billing solution to all businesses.

SnapBill's mission is to continually develop a remarkable online system that simplifies billing procedures, increases efficiency and keeps businesses in complete control of their clients, payments and services.

As a client-centric company, SnapBill aims to deliver world-class billing solutions that give businesses the control, insight and versatility they need for a competitive advantage in a global economy.

Client focus is a core component of the SnapBill corporate culture and continues to be one of the key reasons why SnapBill has shown tremendous growth in the enterprise application market.

History / Evolution

SnapBill is the brainchild of, South African founders, Jaco van Wyk and Josh Yudaken.

With a long history of constructive co-operation, they founded and introduced SnapBill as a South African beta in March 2010. After an overwhelmingly positive uptake it was launched globally in January 2011.

Jaco and Josh first collaborated in 2004, when they teamed up to develop and launch Lusion AHS – an automated reseller hosting and billing platform geared towards the needs of their clients at Lusion Technologies.

In 2008, SnapBill's founders identified the global need for a new breed of online billing system developed with adaptability and intelligent automation in mind.

The focus quickly fell on developing Lusion AHS into such a system. Through 7 years of industry use, thorough user testing, detailed debugging and extensive feature refinement, Lusion AHS was transformed into becoming the fully featured and robust SnapBill of today.

SnapBill has followed an organic evolution from a specialised automated hosting system, to a comprehensive online invoicing and billing system with powerful recurring billing capabilities.

Throughout its evolution the system has been in constant use, first by Lusion AHS hosting resellers and then by SnapBill beta users. Thus ensuring its famed practical usability, stability and strength as a fully automated billing engine.


SnapBill is privately-held and owner managed. Shareholding is distributed between its directorship and a few key employees.

SnapBill has accepted no external investment to date making it one of only a handful of independent SaaS solution providers in the world.

SnapBill is a responsible corporate entity that strives to act ethically and respectfully wherever it operates.

For its employees, SnapBill promotes a secure and stable work environment providing equal opportunities for career development.

These qualities, combined with recognition that people and relationships are some of the key ingredients for building success contributes greatly to its ability to retain talent and foster innovation.


The cornerstone of SnapBill's success resides in the skill and experience of its executive management team.

This dedicated team is charged with making final decisions, in the best interests of the company, on matters such as globalisation, organisational change, inter-company relations, competitive positioning, ethics and transparency, financial management and technological direction.

SnapBill draws great strength from its leadership team which thoroughly understand the company, industry and operating environment and possess long-term relationships with clients and partners around the world.

SnapBill's executive management team has been with the company since its establishment and was instrumental in shaping it from a start-up operation into the industry leader it is today.

Founder and Managing Director: Jaco van Wyk Co-Founder: Josh Yudaken

Services - SnapBill

SnapBill is a recurring billing system that allows you to easily sell your services online. It is perfect for businesses requiring a powerful and fully customisable billing solution with payment collection facilities.

As an online system, SnapBill allows you to automate recurring billing, anywhere, anytime and from any web-enabled device.

SnapBill is a hosted service and resides on the Amazon Web Services cloud, thus ensuring that the service is always accessible. Complete system backups are run every 15 minutes to protect against lost or compromised data.

SnapBill allows you to easily setup your services and accept online orders, as well as automating recurring billing via your online order center. Store, update and search detailed client records within SnapBill.

Control client status, balances and send past due warnings. SnapBill assists you to communicate easily and effectively with your clients via email and text message (SMS).

The SnapBill system also acts as a payment facilitator thus enabling automated payment collection through any collection channel.

There are no additional charges or collection fees when using SnapBill, nor does SnapBill accept payment on your behalf. Funds collected from your clients are credited directly to your merchant / bank account. All payment reconciliations are automatically handled and detailed online statistics and reports provided.

SnapBill’s use of 256bit AES SSL encryption ensures that all data transmission is secure.

SnapBill is also PCI compliant and stores all credit card and bank account information in safe and secure manner.

Services - SnapBill for Insurers

SnapBill Insurer is a derivative of the billing system tailored to the needs of businesses in the short and long term insurance industry.

It is currently being used successfully by insurance companies to:

  • Save approximately 40 to 60 % on their overall monthly billing costs.
  • Reduce the manpower required to do billing by two thirds.
  • Experience true paperless billing through e-invoicing.
  • Automatically calculate multi-tier commission.
  • Do real-time validation of ID number, bank account and credit card details.
  • Eliminate duplicate entries and double debits.
  • Save costs on infrastructure and maintenance as the system is cloud hosted and fully managed.

SnapBill Insurer features multi-user support, staff activity tracking and customizable data capturing interfaces with real-time ID number, bank account and credit card validation.

With SnapBill Insurer you are in full control of your staff, clients, services and pricing.

Payment collection and reconciliations of NAEDO, AEDO as well as EFT debit orders may be done via any payment gateway.

SnapBill provides real-time billing statistics and assists with the calculation of commissions.

Stay connected to your clients via SnapBill's bulk SMS integration and support ticketing capabilities.

Services - SnapBill Switch

SnapBill Switch is a lightweight, PCI compliant payment gateway switch.

SnapBill Switch is tailored to the needs of businesses who already have their own billing solution or are looking to build their own.

In this case SnapBill is only used to store payment information securely and collect funds from clients. SnapBill Switch supports collection from credit cards and bank accounts using gateway transactions or debit orders/ direct debits.

Collections may be performed via any of SnapBill’s integrated collection channels.

For example: If you wish to send a debit batch you would simply upload a CSV file with a “Client Number” and “Amount Due”.

SnapBill will batch all the payment details together and securely send them to the payment gateway. You can now easily run recurring payments off bank accounts and credit cards.

SnapBill will automatically read the reconciliation results back into the system and also has the ability to submit batches via any collection channel based on flexible billing rules.

  • Since you are no longer storing any credit card details, being PCI compliant becomes a much easier and less costly.
  • Client details remain private and are never sent or stored outside of your own servers.
  • Batch statistics and pre-submission checks will be available to catch any errors before batches are submitted.
  • Easily switch between different payment gateways, or send


The SnapBill team is based in South Africa with Offices in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Johannesburg - Business HQ
West Tower, 2nd Floor
Nelson Mandela Square
Maude Street
Sandown, Johannesburg 2146

Cape Town - Development HQ
Corner Campground Road and
Claremont Boulevard
Cape Town 7708, Western Cape

Call us on +27 11 881 5888 or fax +27 11 881 5611 {South Africa}

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