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Retrieve an action by id and return it's details.

    $ curl -u user:pass -d "" \

File: examples/action.txt-1.json -

      "code": 200,
      "type": "item",
      "class": "action",
      "action": {
        "depth": 0,
        "id": 1062,
        "xid": "Clw:Qm",
        "url": "/client/update/state",
        "path": "/client/update/state",
        "link": "/client/Clw:mz_",
        "item_type": "client",
        "description": "helkom (jane) was removed",
        "details": {
          "from": "active",
          "to": "dead"
        "date": "2014-08-22 09:54:31",
        "client": {
          "depth": 2,
          "id": 158975,
          "xid": "Clw:mz_",
          "state": "dead",
          "number": "018",
          "name": "helkom (jane)"
        "user": {
          "depth": 2,
          "id": 2479,
          "xid": "Clw:mv",
          "username": "demo"

Action Parameter Listing

Name Availability Description
depth get The depth parameter signals the amount of data for the action that was provided. depth=0 is the highest level that provides full detail.
id get The id of the action in the system. This is guaranteed to be unique only over a single account.
xid get The xid of the action in the system. This is guaranteed to be unique over all accounts (see Concepts - Xid)
url get Deprecated parameter, please use path instead.
path get This is the path of the action. It is based on a url structure similar to the api design of snapbill which allows easy grouping of by type. See action paths for more detail.
link get An optional link into SnapBill relating to the given action
item_type get An optional field indicating the class of object this action was associated with if available.
description get An english description explaining what change was made
details get An object detailing the actual change that was made
client get Optional object detailing the client that was involved in the action
user get Optional object detailing the user that performed the action. This field is not included with actions performed by the system without user interaction.
{item_type} get Optional. If item_type was provided and the action includes sufficient depth, then an object of that type will be included


Retrieve all the actions of the current account and return their details.

Results can optionally be filtered by the filters listed below.

List Actions Filters

Name Availability Description
page get The page of results to return.
perpage get The number of results per page to return.
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