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Service Types


Retrieve a service_type by id and return it's details.

Parameter listing

Name Availability Description
depth get The depth parameter signals the amount of data for the payment method that was provided. depth=0 is the highest level that provides full detail.
id get The id of this service type. Unique over a single accounts.
xid get The xid of the service type. This is guaranteed to be unique over all accounts.
name get The name of the service type as chosen by the user.


    $ curl -u user:pass -d "perpage=2" \

File: examples/service_type.txt-1.json -

      "code": 200,
      "type": "list",
      "page": 1,
      "numpages": 1,
      "class": "service_type",
      "list": [
          "id": 596,
          "xid": "Clw:JU",
          "name": "Pancake Delivery"

List Service Types Filters

Name Availability Description
name get The name of the service types.
page get The number of pages of results to return.
perpage get The number of results per page to return.
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