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Payment Transactions

The client object contains a field under urls called payment. If the relevant client where to visit this URL they can make a payment without logging in first.


When redirecting a client to this URL one can optionally specify the URL parameter redirect_url. The client is then redirected back to the redirect URL when the client has made a payment or updated their payment method to something which requires you to process their payment.

transaction_uuid A uuid for the transaction. A new UUID is created each time the client visits the payment URL.
cancel_url Optional The URL specified to redirect to if payment is cancelled.
redirect_url Optional The URL specified to redirect to after payment is completed.
success-heading A heading for the success message
success-message A message indicating the state of the payment
payment_method_code The code for the payment method used by the client
redirect The URL specified to redirect to.
payment_id Optional id of the payment if one was created with the signup
payment_state Optional state of the payment (either paid, or pending)
payment_amount Optional amount of the payment as measured as a floating point value
signature A signature using a shared secret confirming that the above fields were not tampered with


Say the payment URL for a client is After adding an invoice for the client through the API, you can redirect them to by sending the client to

An example of the variables POSTed to the redirect URL is below:

    [payment_amount] => 476
    [payment_id] => 30
    [payment_method_code] => payfast
    [payment_state] => pending
    [redirect] =>
    [success-heading] => Your payment has been processed
    [success-message] => Your payment is marked as pending. We are still awaiting confirmation from PayFast, but as soon as that is received your invoices will be marked as paid.
    [transaction_uuid] => OWI0ZWU3ZTktYTNkYi00NGYyLWEzZWEtZWZhOWVmMzRlZGQx
    [signature] => yynYkjNvYyrMnS1wmItMa5pZhyEjtirgRM1UZ6fN6a0=

In the case of a payment method which requires you to process the payment, the variables passed back won't include the payment:

    [payment_method_code] => other
    [redirect] =>
    [success-heading] => Your payment details have been updated
    [success-message] => Thank you for updating your payment details
    [transaction_uuid] => MTA1OGRhNTItMTZlYi00YWI1LWFiMjgtNjJlMTU0N2Y3Yjc1
    [signature] => dUOawxjoHyzg9xq9t2ZCcaspIbkEVpqPKKJnqkkdTWY=
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