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Import Templates

Import Type Description
Balance Importer Template Import and update a clients balance, this will reflect as a credit on the clients profile.
New Client Importer Template Load all new clients and their data.
Client Update Importer Template Update any existing client data.
Invoice Importer Template Import invoices to your clients, remember that if a invoice number is not specified then SnapBill will auto generate a number following the last number used.
Payment Method (Bank Account) Importer Template Import banking details for your clients.
Payment Method (Credit Card) Importer Template Import credit card details for your clients.
Payment Method (EFT) Importer Bulk update your clients payment method to EFT.
Reactivate Importer Template Reactivate clients who have been removed.
Users Importer Template Import a list of users who will have individual logins to your SnapBill account.
Services Importer Template Import service packages to your clients, you will need to select the particular package you are loading and remember that with packages like Domains you will need to include the Domain Name and Nameserver information in additional columns in your .CSV file.
  • All date field formats need to be: YYYY-MM-DD
  • ALL imports need to be in .CSV format and the first row of ALL imports need to be column headings.
  • In scenarios where you have custom fields i.e. for clients, you will need to list that field as a field in your import.
  • If you find that your import has failed, you will be able to download the ERROR report or you can contact support.

See also: Imports

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