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Past Due Warnings

Warning types:

Warning Type Level Description
The Past Due Warning First warning
The 24 Hour Suspension Warning Final warning
The Suspension Warning Suspends account

Using the Past Due Warning system:

Functions Sub-Functions Description
Find clients with outstanding payments Enter the variables needed to find out which clients have unpaid invoices and what warnings have been sent to them.
Unpaid invoice due date Pick a date to show outstanding payments up to this date i.e by selecting 2011-03-21 all clients with outstanding invoices with a due date before 2011-03-21 will be displayed.
Warnings issued Any warning This displays clients that have received both past due and suspension warnings.
First warning This displays only clients that have received past due warnings.
Final warning This displays only clients who have received suspension warnings.
Find clients Displays the clients that meet the selected criteria.

Once you have found your clients you can select which clients you want to warn by ticking the tick box next to the client name and select what warning you want to send to them by using the With Selected field to choose between:

Functions Sub-Functions Description
Send unpaid warning Sends a past due warning
Send 24 hour suspension warning Sends a 24 hour suspension warning
Notify and suspend client Notifies the client via email and suspends their account
Clear warnings Removes any warned status for all clients selected

Once you have selected your clients and the warning type that needs to go out to them click the ‘OK’ button and confirm to send the warnings to your clients. Please Note: We recommend issuing past due warnings after invoices have been outstanding for 15 days, issuing 24 hour suspension warnings after invoices have been outstanding for 30 days and suspending accounts after invoices have been outstanding for 31 days or more.

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