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Recurring Invoice

Recurring Invoice Editor

Functions Sub-Functions Description
Description The line item can be defined here.
Unit Cost Cost per unit.
Quantity Number of units.
Line Total Cost X quantity = line total
Add New Line Item Adding an additional line / another specific charge.
Add Saved Line Item Add a line item that is for example commonly used or described specifically. This would be previously saved under “Save Line”.
Remove Line Delete a line / charge on the invoice. Do this by clicking on the red X at the end of the line.
Save Line if you use common line descriptions, you can save them to avoid having to type them out again. Do this by clicking on the blue floppy disk at the end of the line.
Send via Email By marking this, the invoice will automatically be sent to the client, by unmarking the email will not be sent to the client. See also Email System Setup to set an email delay time to undo the sending of messages.
Save as Draft

Recurrence Options

Functions Sub-Functions Description
First Date The first charge.
Recurrence Type Recurrence of the charge i.e monthly/annually/weekly.
On Select the day that the invoice is to generate on.
Every Terms i.e every 1 month / 6 months etc.
Ends Stipulate an ending date or leave it to run indefinitely.

You are able to add more than one line on one invoice by selecting “add new line item”. Costs are able to appear in a negative value as well by inserting a “minus” before the value i.e R-50.00

Edit or Remove a Recurring Invoice

  1. Go to the Client's account
  2. Scroll down to Recurring Invoices Table
  3. Click on the description link
  4. In the left blue menu that appears select:
  • Modify Invoice: Adjust Invoice Settings
  • Remove Invoice
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