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Rules App

This app will allow you to set up custom behaviors as events occur on your account. Using this you can change exactly how invoice generation works, set up SMS text messages on various events, and a whole lot more.

The functionality provided by this app is powerful, but is quite complicated to use. As such it is recommended for use by experienced developers only.

Alternatively if you wish to configure any custom rules on your account please do get in touch with us.

Examples of rule types:

Functions Sub-Functions Description
Prorata Charges Configure custom prorata rules i.e charge all customers captured before the 5th of the month the full package fee ; thereafter charge pro-rated X amount up until the 25th of that month.
Email notifications upon disputed payments Have an automated email notification sent to you when a client disputes a payment with the client details.
Service created - SMS Send an sms on welcome email.
Just after a service changes state - SMS Send sms messages on suspend/delete / Send a cancellation notification when a client is removed.

These are just examples, more powerful and custom adjustments can be specified according to your requirements.

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