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Search Parameters

Search Query

This is a quick reference guide for search paramters in SnapBill. The search box is located at the top left of your system interface. To use any of the searches simply type the suggested query directly into the search box.

Account State

Account State Search Query
All inactive clients state:new
All active clients state:active
All suspended clients state:suspended
All deleted clients state:deleted ; is:dead ; is:deleted
All clients with past due invoices Go to Billing > Past Due Warnings. Set “Unpaid invoice due date” > Find Clients.

Although still stored on the system, it is important to note that deleted clients do not appear in regular client searches or reports unless specified. If you want to search for deleted clients always append your search with the search query provided above.

Invoice State

Invoice State Search Query
Invoices in draft state invoice:draft
Invoices in unpaid state invoice:unpaid
Invoices in paid state invoice:paid
Invoices in pending state invoice:pending
Invoices in cancelled state invoice:cancelled

This search will give you a list of all clients who have invoices in “state” requested present on their account.

Quote State

Quote State Search Query
Quotes in a draft state quote:draft
Quotes in quote state quote:quote
Quotes in accepted state quote:accepted
Quotes in rejected state quote:rejected

This search will give you a list of all clients who have quotes in the requested state present on their account. Th “quote:quote” search will find the clients with quotes that have been issued, but have neither been accepted or rejected yet.

Credit Note State

Credit Note State Search Query
Credit notes in a draft state credit:draft
Credit notes in a credit state credit:credit

This search will give you a list of all clients who have credit notes in the requested state present on their account. The “credit:credit” search will give you a list of all clients who have an active credit note on their account.

Client Details

Client Details Search Query Example
First name Partial or full client name John
Surname Partial or full surname Smith
Name and Surname Both name and surname John Smith
Company Name Partial or full company name ACME Inc.
Telephone Number Full telephone number 082 111 1111
Email Address Full email address
Client Number “number:” followed by a number number:1421
Invoice Number Full invoice number 1234/0001
City Only the name of the city Cape Town
Province/State Only the name of the province Western Cape
Country Only the name of the country South Africa
Postal Code Only the postal code 7000

These searches will return all clients with the request in both teh desired field and all others. For example a search for “Johannesburg” will return clients with “Johannesburg” in the city field, but also include clients with “Johannesburg” in the name, surname, company name and email address fields.

Special Client Fields

Special Client Fields Search Query Example
Created by import import:number import:013
Not created by import !import:number !import:013
With coupon code coupon:code coupon:BZ1234FR
Not with coupon code !coupon:code !coupon:DISCOUNT
Captured on day created:yyyy-mm-dd created:2012-08-04
Not captured on day !created:yyyy-mm-dd !created:2012-08-04
Captured before day created<:yyyy-mm-dd created<:2012-08-04
Captured before and on day created⇐:yyyy-mm-dd created⇐:2012-08-04
Captured after day created>:yyyy-mm-dd created>:2014-06-08
Captured after and on day created>=:yyyy-mm-dd created>=:2013-03-13
Captured on day only created=:yyyy-mm-dd created=:2013-09-10


Services Search Query Example
Particular service service:“service name” service:“funeral cover”
Not service !service:“service name” !service:“funeral cover”
Particular package package:“package name” package:startup
Not package !package:“package name” !package:trial

Payment Details

Payment Details Search Query Example
Payment method payment:“method name” payment:eft
Not payment method !payment:“method name” !payment:paypal
Particular currency currency:abbreviation currency:zar
Not currency !currency:abbreviation !currency:usd
Particular bank bank:“bank name” bank:“ABSA BANK”
Not bank !bank:“bank name” !bank:“NEDBANK”
Has credit card has:credit_card
Has bank account has:bank_account
No credit card !has:credit_card
No bank account !has:bank_account

Custom Fields

Custom Fields Search Query Example
Custom field data-custom_field:value data-batch_day:15
Not custom field !data-custom_field:value !data-action_day:30

Debit Batch Fields

Debit Batch Fields Search Query Example
All on batch batch:number batch:085
All pending on batch pending-batch:number pending-batch:067
All error on batch error-batch:number error-batch:08
All refuted on batch refuted-batch:number refuted-batch:012
All bounced on batch bounced-batch:number bounced-batch:013
All paid on batch paid-batch:number paid-batch:134

You can find the batch number by going to Billing > Manage Debit Batches and check the number next to the batch you want to query.

Search Compound Queries

SnapBill allows you to perform powerful compound search queries. A compound search makes us use more than one search parameter to generate highly detailed data. Below are a few examples of common compound searches to help you get started:

You want to find… Search Query
All suspended clients with a fishing magazine subscription, USD as currency and PayPal as payment method. state:suspended service:“fishing magazine subscription” currency:usd payment:paypal
All deleted clients from New York. “New York” is:dead
All active clients on debit batch number 085 with the 15th as batch day. batch:085 data-batch_day:15 state:active

Prefixing a search with “!” will exclude the parameter from the results. Using a space in a compound search is like saying “and”. Most SnapBill accounts have their own unique custom fields, so check with your account manager if a search does not deliver the desired result.

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