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Change State

Available states:

Functions Sub-Functions Description
Inactive New clients loaded who have not yet been invoiced. This state will automatically change to active once an invoice has been issued. (Search parameter state:inactive).
Active Clients who are being actively billed and who have a 0 balance (Search parameter state:active).
Past Due Clients who are currently owing.
Suspended Clients whose services are now suspended until payment is made. These clients will not be billed until changed to an active state. Suspension can be done manually or will occur automatically if debit order payment bounces twice consecutively or if the client disputes payment - in accordance with PASA regulations, you will need to communicate with the client should you wish to debit again and manually change the state to active / reactivate payment details. (Search parameter state:suspended).
Dead Client who has been cancelled/removed. (Search parameter state:dead).

If you wish to manually adjust the state of a client:

  • Client profile
  • Left Orange Menu
  • Change State > Select
  • Save

You can search and filter all active/suspended/dead clients by using the search parameter in the search box or in the search query in reports by clicking on “change settings” inside the report

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