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Credit Note Editor

Functions Sub-Functions Description
Description Line item can be defined here.
Unit Cost Cost per unit.
Quantity Number of units
Line Total Cost X quantity = line total
Add New Line Item Adding an additional line / another specific charge.
Add Saved Line Item Add a line item that is for example commonly used or described specifically. This would be previously saved under “Save Line”.
Remove Line Delete a line / charge on the invoice. Do this by clicking on the red X at the end of the line.
Save Line if you use common line descriptions, you can save them to avoid having to type them out again. Do this by clicking on the blue floppy disk at the end of the line.
Send via Email By marking this, the invoice will automatically be sent to the client, by unmarking the email will not be sent to the client. See also Email System Setup to set an email delay time to undo the sending of messages.
Save as Draft The invoice can be saved in a draft state. Draft invoices can be edited/deleted/saved as an invoice.

Editor Settings

By clicking on the “(change settings”) link in the first line under the table header, you will able to adjust these particular invoice settings:

Functions Sub-Functions Description
Invoice Date Date when the invoice was captured.
Due Date Select a due date for the invoice.
PO Number This is an optional function if you work with Purchase Order numbers.
Discount Apply a discount to the invoice.
Payment Method Select the payment method applicable to the invoice.
Taxes Apply or deduct taxes to the invoice. If you have your tax settings set at Taxes then the invoice will by default comply with those settings.

Create a Credit Note

  1. Go to the client’s account in SnapBill
  2. Select Invoice Center in the left navigation menu
  3. Select Credit Note to create and issue a credit note
  4. Click Save as Credit Note to issue to your client

Manually Applying a Credit

You are able to manually apply a credit to your client's account:

  1. Go to the client’s account in SnapBill
  2. Under the Client Details table select > Modify
  3. In the credit field, add the credit amount
  4. Click Save

In this instance, a Credit Note will not be saved, but the credit will be applied and recorded in the Activity Log.

See Also: Adding an opening balance to a client’s account

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