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Processing Many Payments

This is a useful way of processing more than one payment:

Process Payment

  1. Go to Billing > Process Payments in the left navigation menu
  2. In the Search box start to enter the clients you want to process payments for one by one.
  3. Choose the client from the options displayed under Client Results by clicking on them.
  4. Repeat this process to select as many clients as you want. All the client’s you have selected will be listed under Chosen clients.
  5. Once you have chosen all the clients click Next to proceed.
  6. Now follow the normal payment processing procedure (from step 3 to 6 in the tutorial above) for each of the client.
  7. To finish click Process payments.

Remove an incorrectly applied payment:

  1. Go to the client’s account in SnapBill
  2. Scroll down and locate the incorrectly applied payment in the Payments table
  3. Click the description link in the Reference column of the Payments table next to the incorrect applied payment date
  4. Click Remove payment in the left navigation menu to delete the payment.
Functions Sub-Functions Description
Amount Mark the amount received.
Mark Invoices as Paid Select the order of invoices listed i.e Oldest Invoices First/Custom.
Payment Method The method in which the payment was received i.e cash/EFT (the options will be determined by which methods you have activated under Setup > Billing > Payment Methods.
Date of Receipt
Reference The reference saved will appear under the Payments Table, this is useful to easily see where the payment was applied to.
Invoices Mark the correct invoice for which the payment needs to be applied to.

A notification of payment as well as a statement will be sent to your client when you finish. To change your automatic email settings go to Setup ⇒ Billing ⇒ Invoicing.

See Also: Applying Partial Payments ; Credit

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