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Viewing Recent or Future Invoices

Using this feature you are able to view your most recent invoices sent out and your upcoming invoices to be sent for recurring/automated type invoices on each clients account.

This helps to ensure that all invoicing is in order and to foresee should any invoicing need correcting before the invoices are sent.

To view invoices on a client’s account for a particular service:

  1. Go into clients account.
  2. Scroll down until you see the table with service title i.e Joe’s Gardening service (generally under the “Users” table).
  3. Click on the service in the table.
  4. You will now be redirected to a page showing the service information and the “Service future invoices” table showing you the past and future invoices to be issued.

To view a Clients other recurring invoices:

Go into the client’s account. In the left navigation menu, click on Account Statement ⇒ Future Invoices.

To adjust any of these invoices, click on the invoice number to open the invoice. Click on “edit invoice”.

See Also: Adding a Service; Service Invoice Rules; Recurring Invoice

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